Freelance WordPress Developers Wanted

Hello Freelance WordPress Developers, I’m DeVictor King Mason and I’m Hiring

As I approach  my 71st year on Planet Earth, and while searching for exceptional Freelance WordPress Developers software job seekers, I remind everyone that old age is a gift from God, given only to the people He loves . If God doesn’t love you then you don’t deserve old age and you won’t get it. Know that I give thanks and praise to whomever/whatever is responsible for me to see and enjoy another day.

For several years now, I’ve been working on an idea for easily creating 7 Million tourism related Jobs that while bringing more cash into your pockets will revolutionize and improve tourism development and cultural awareness on 4 continents. I require WordPress, PHP – MySQL software development assistance to create the Android & iOS Apps and these related but necessary websites.


Tourism will be more friendly, more available to everyone, and more profitable by helping local people to have one famous place they can offer products and services to tourists, free of charge. Means we promote you free of costs. Because there are a million websites doing something in tourism jobs development, you’ll discover WHY this one is superior to all the others.

I left the USA in 2010 and have been a happy tourist especially here in Asia ever since. This mobile App idea is what I think every tourist will use, profit from and enjoy sharing with their contacts. Here is a link to the PDF showing where the final idea came from. Pay attention to the credentials of these experts because, this prevents anyone from claiming my idea is stupid.

Let’s imagine you are working in your family restaurant and you’ve had an idea for some App that would explode your business income. Mom and Dad don’t really pay you that much, but they give you enough for you not to quit your day job. You are not a computer programmer so you search On-Line and discover you can hire someone, but there is no way you can afford that. Do you give up your dream invention or start learning about WordPress, since everyone says it’s the best way to proceed?


One idea is there are TV shows planned to showcase some of you and give 1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes and awards to based upon how good your services for tourists are. Even the TV Show Guest Judges have fun, because they often temporarily exchange places with other Guest Judges in other countries for a few weeks, and once a year we’ll have a BIG PARTY somewhere to brag and issue awards to ourselves. The Movie Stars only do that in Hollywood, but we’ll do it worldwide. You could easily qualify as a Guest Judge if you have an interest in this. Register there and let me know you’re interested. Here is an MP3 from one of my other “bright ideas” that will assist you to earn with your skills.

Freelancers, Tried The New Chatroom App Yet?

Many of you are not native English speakers, so I now provide mp3’s explaining this or that requirement. Listening to them over and over should make my job easier because I don’t waste time telling the same story to each PHP- MySQL Freelancer. The chatrooms should allow you to see what others have said and allow you to network and ask questions. Using the correct chat room allows you to network with others interested in forming a team. Teams are important because it makes it much easier to complete some task even though it seems to cost me more. Many of you have never worked within a development team before, so try gaining as much experience here as you can. Such training helps your resume stand out as many larger employers don’t hire “Lone Wolves” wanting to do things their way all alone.

The Perfect Freelance Developers Team, In My Opinion

You know you can not capture one of these lucrative contracts if you are not working in a team.  Join or create a virtual team, locate a promising opportunity and share the offer with your virtual team. Questions about the project you don’t understand may be understood and explained by a team member. After everyone completely understands the project and states what amount of cash and how much time is required then one of you will compile and submit a written report to the hiring  company. Before you submit it show a copy to your virtual team so there are no misunderstandings. Prove your team can solve this example and I’ll rate you highly and offer more jobs to you guys.

Each team uses a different contact email address for the database I’m designing and hope to launch “real soon now”, so apply inside as many TEAMS as your skills can do. You’ll chat with the other team members in the chat rooms and decide at that time if your skills are worthy. Let’s discover what skills & talents you have that will make us successful as a team. To test your English, please follow these instructions exactly.

The 7 Million Jobs Website Has Rules Prohibiting Anonymous Freelancers

What they require is knowing the ID of everyone earning more than USD $25. Your photo, social links, Skype, email and what you accomplished for 7 Million Jobs will be featured in the “about-us” page at the bottom with all the others. So make your profile look good and you’ll surely capture jobs as our project becomes more famous.

Go look now at these various teams you could earn extra part-time income from and join some chat rooms to network with others interested in joining a team. Who knows, people might like you!

I Charge NO Fees!

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