HELP WANTED: Graphics, PHP, MySQL, Programmers / Developers

I have these 3 similar themes;
A4.) When the site is working correctly then I require mobile Apps for Android & iOS;
A5.) All work should be correctly at
A6.) See Also:

Today, the demo website is using Woocommerce StoreFront Theme version 2.1.6, and is located here: (also called)
B1.) Click into some country, maybe Asia, then click a flag to see in details the functions required;
B2.) Pay attention to the HTML table, because those links must be activated;
B3.) See those videos in each country? There is a $1.50 “service fee” to add your video;
B4.) Guide me into making it easy for someone to put his/her video into the playlist;
B5.) This link ( shows my idea about uploading videos into a playlist after paying the “service fee”;
B6.) In those themes this is called a featured Ad, to have your video “featured” in our playlists;
B7.) You can modify this design if you have ideas more easy (easier) to implement;
B8.) Someone must modify the Child Theme so we can update to latest Storefront without errors.

The Woocommerce testing & development site at has 3 pages custom PHP & one MySQL.
Here is a link about just one of these PHP templates:

Upon examination you would see it has been customized ONLY for using the Woocommerce theme;
C1.) I want to use a differrent theme;
C2.) The PHP templates must be revised;
C3.) The President’s images must be aligned to appear good in mobile devices;
C4.) Clicking from a country will display the correct MAP & list of locations in;
C5.) is only for demo & desiging purposes to show you what is desired;
C6.) The HTML tables in each country says Click here to meet local people so correct DB & Map image must appear;
C7.) The google doc link shows registration page design, so ONLY people to register must be in correct locations.

I’d like you to consider to use one of those themes, or the WP theme seen here: (JobScout theme) because the features desired are already available;

Up to you to decide which theme, but for security I prefer the JobScout. WHY? You can search the code in the themes and especially the “functions.php” and then you will understand why I do not trust their security. Also, the owner Andrei Saioc has many complaints online here:

The new index page must look like what is seen at
When you click a flag though, you will arrive at some page;
Same like if you click that country flag link inside

This is how it will appear when somebody is selecting a country:
You see that Map?
A new map will appear depending on which country traffic arrived from.
Simple concept, right?
Also opposite the map will be towns & cities from the DB.
There is available an XLSX file with names of towns & cities in my HDD.
Traffic must be able to select which highway he/she wants information about.

Every feature you see now in the Woocommerce website will be put into the new theme.
It us up to YOU to select one of the themes, because they are similar, right?
My preference is the WordPress JobScout, because of the greater security it has over those themes.

Graphics Design Section – Flash to Android Images
Tell me how we can make much progress unless a Graphics person makes new images that operate in Android & iOS.
E1.) The images today are in Flash at at top of page;
E2.) You click into a country and see the Highway map;
E3.) Clicking a red line will take you to any URL I desired;
E4.) That is what must be created for Android devices;
E5.) The shows a map for Asian Highway 26 in Philippines but there is only one highway;
E6.) In other countries there often are several highways;
E7.) This means when traffic clicks a highway number, the correct list of towns & cities must appear;
E8.) There is available in my HDD an XLSX file with names of towns & cities;
E9.) Here are sample .JPG images you will see in the Flash at top of;
E10.) Remember, clicking a highway number brings up the highway image AND the correct DB of users on that highway.

F1.) Please tell me which sections need more information, because it all seems OK to me;
F2.) I own my domains and the software samples you see;
F3.) Only if necessary I can give you wp-admin but NO cPanel;
F4.) Your fee will be placed into either Fiverr or Guru;
F5.) I require your profile and work description to be placed into our “About-Us” page before your payment is released.

F6.) Your fee is placed into either Fiverr or Guru

You can contact me here:
WhatsApp +855.965.975.998
Skype: DoctorMason.Freelancer