WANTED: Design Our Team Members Database

This new Team Members Database DB needs to be automated. When somebody visiting my website and wants to work part-time they will send their BIO and info to the correct e-mail URL seen in the image on left side at https://devictormason.com/jobs. He click “send” and the form sends his info into the system you will create. So I need a form he can use and it must come automatically back to me.

Because there are many different teams a person can join, he must register into each one. His BIO will be seen by the Team Leader (TL) and if it looks good the TL maybe assign him to work on the project. So, for example I want to make it easy to register into whichever team you want, right? So this Team Members Database should prepopulate the info you already posted, so no need type again your username, email address, contact data, etc. That will appear automatically then you just select a team you want to join and up comes a form for your BIO or related skills to be entered. Push “save” then you have option to join another team. You select the other team and again a form opens for you to add your skills about that team. The TL will look at your skills and decide if your keywords meet his needs. You can always modify your bio for that team by logging into your account.

  1. Here are some ideas that I have not tried. You can see if these can be modified to do what I want accomplished.
  2. https://teams.devictormason.com is where this will be installed
  3. This DB must allow for each TL to have access to see the skills of the people in his/her team, and to contact you via email. When you register into a team and a job becomes available from me then the TL will look at your skills before he invites you to work. Most projects for now could be completed quickly when several people are doing it together. It is also possible if you have your own coding techniques then you don’t want advice from someone else. You will likely work on my http://GitHub.com/AsianHighway account to allow the TL to approve the completed job(s). This also allows each person to see the progress so you can complete jobs faster. Your TL will grant you access or not. So, your profile must look good and contain the correct keywords in case 50 people want to work together on something that requires no more than 2-3 people.
  4. TL’s will have experience with what is discussed here:

There is an MP3 on the top of the page explaining some of the DB requirements. Maybe use Contact Form 7 to collect his data? Maybe adjust the regular WordPress form because when you register it ask a lot of questions. https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-registration-forms/ Maybe that can be modified and integrated into our new script?

If you register as a member into some WP site it will ask for info about your profile. That is why this request is to locate somebody who knows how to make what I seek if you can assist. This link explains it more: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=codex+and+wordpress+registration+form&t=ffab&atb=v202-1&ia=web

You can listen to my MP3 at top of www.devictormason.com/jobs/ to hear what I shared about getting jobs in teams. I must update it sometime this week when I have time to spare. Then I can send mails to each list to tell you about some jobs I have open that require the skills of that team.

So, all I have to do next is find a TEAM LEADER for each group. You can apply for this top paying long term position now. Look at the available teams then use the email to convince me you are the best candidate. All TL’s must have GitHib skills. As a TL you are responsible for the work products assigned and you get paid for each project. Under no circumstances do you want to submit faulty work, as your reputation is visible to all.

It is possible that I will write a job description, the budget and timeline and broadcast it to all registered members in that mailing list. If you are available then you’d “reply” and your name and skills would appear for the TL to assign you or not hire you. The TL may chat with me before we notify you so that there are no misunderstandings.

The team leader (TL) can see the profile skills of each person in his group of workers. I think from there the Team Leader can select who is offered the job but maybe this is not the best idea?

I have the project budget, I tell what work is available and the total amount of cash to the people doing that job. The Team Leader selects his members and they begin the work. When it is completed and accepted by me then the cash is released. How I will pay each one of you the amount you are due is a good question. I have PaidPal and must figure a way to easily send what you are due for your work. Some countries will require only W.U. payments so any assistance you provide is greatly appreciated by all team members. Just send a comment or discuss in one of the chatrooms. I’m age 72 and don’t want to be on a keyboard all day and all night. Any suggestions you have are appreciated.

Not only jobs I have located but surely some of you TEAM MEMBERS will have need of help on some job you have found. You will present those jobs, the timeline and the budget. So for example if some PHP or WP project needs help then you will bring work to one of our list of people. Anyway that is what I’m thinking about. So I hope your training can help Make My Website Great Again. You can see it at https://devictormason.com/jobs/ for a list of the TEAMS I have said will be created. There are many job board scripts available but for now I will be focusing on our www.7millionjobs.com clients.

On the left side is an image with the contact mail address for that team. Because you must know more about this than I know, you can always suggest to me another route to success. Such as using another software like Outlook, Access, amazon-sms or whatever.

I hope this is more than enough for you to understand what is required. Now I hope to see your bid AND a description of what I will receive for your offer. The features and functions your scripts will provide.

DeVictor Mason

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Over at https://gf.asianhighway26.com is the Asian Crowdfunding Secret Techniques  part of this project called www.7millionjobs.com and we discuss programming it now.

Each country seen at https://anywebsite.info has a link in the 7MillionJobs.com crowdfunding for Financing Community Development projects. Here is an example in this image

html table example
In the DB would be a table about this country and space to input the SHORTCODE to the page about this country. Here is an example for “Crowdfunding Cambodia.”

Here is another for https://gf.asianhighway26.com/crowdfunding-new-south-wales-australia/ In each example you would have a news feed from a plugin such as one of these: https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/newsfeeds/
As you can now easily understand, traffic interested in crowdfunding about some country will click this link and be delivered to the correct URL via a SHORTCODE. Then traffic can create a project for that country or look and see what is going on in that country and hopefully donate cash into an interesting community development project.

Why would someone want to use our platform instead of one of the more popular ones? This is a dumb & stupid question, because you have not read this about “How You Are Paid To Help.” Even if English is your native language, read this article several times until your English Comprehension 101 skills kick in and you begin to understand what will happen.

Have you attended or are you currently attending in your location, a well recognized training facility that teaches computer software programming skills and techniques? Will any of your current or past instructors say that you understood the training you received well enough for anyone to employ your talents?  Did you pay less than USD $100,000.00 to gain your knowledge of software programming skills & techniques? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you will understand why I will not verify nor confirm your understanding of what I write as job descriptions without first receiving ENG101 training payments in advance. If your English Comprehension 101 skills are insufficient to decipher my instructions then it should be easy for you to contact your former instructors, whom you have paid good money,  and ask them for assistance. If your former instructors refuse to assist you then you may hire me for discussing anything I’ve written, for USD $15.00/hour with 1/hour minimum fee. You can donate into the project via any link then send proof of transaction and we can begin as soon as is possible.