$750 Reward To Locate A University Sponsor

Know anyone wanting a $750 Reward To Locate A University Sponsor?

Help locate a College or University that will finish developing the software portion of this tourism project and be paid for it. You could charge them any amount but not less than $750.00. They will surely earn a lot more and you deserve your fee for bringing this opportunity to them.  Proposal To Sponsor even if you have “challenges” reading it or do not understand 100%. They will understand it. 

Only one College or University per country will be accepted at this time unless they purchase STEERING COMMITTEE memberships. This allows you to earn a fee for locating those intelligent enough to understand the benefits of this project. For USA locations this means for now one facility per State for software tasks. These facilities will supply bright minds and network on the forums.

If more than one facility in a country wants to do this project then the winners will be the ones joining the Steering Committees. This role is explained on the Great Asian Highway index page.

You could start researching the top bloggers in your area, so the TV show guest judges vacancies can be filled. I will gladly accept your assistance in writing the creatives that explain it more.

Of course, if vacancies have been sold out, a prompt refund will be issued. That may happen while this project is beginning, and that is why it is moving slowly. To discover the “challenges” and getting them resolved.

You will receive from me a cash payment of USD $750 after a written agreement has been signed with the Educational Institution you have located. Download this PDF so you will know all about it. Share it with your University.  Proposal To Sponsor << Download it now. Earn $750 a.s.a.p.

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