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Chief Development Officer, Tourism Division, Asia Pacific Region, Asian Highway Networks.

Current project: Help Create Asia’s Largest Sustainable Tourism Development

Tasks to accomplish:

Develop and maintain series of income producing websites that include all of the roads in the Asian Highway Network (Wikipedia map)

Insure the availability of a large pool of trained IT personnel to assist with any and all Asian Highway Network website challenges

Secure assistance from Government Tourism Officials, Tourism Organizations and “interested parties” having infrastructure and ability, to promote and manage sections of these websites while sharing the income generated.

Research, create and make available a demo television promotional video that all participating nations may use, requiring minor editing modifications to localize it

When requested, provide guidance on producing profitable Asian Highways Television shows to:

Convince citizens residing along or very near these highways to open a free account allowing them to upload a one minute promotional video of services they provide to tourists.

Convince tourists to use these websites and if they can’t locate suitable service providers then pay to post videos of their desired Asian Dream Vacations experiences into our YouTube.

Obtain promotional and marketing assurances from local program managers that spectacular and rapid success requires each Asian Highway Network location to use that name so that together everyone achieves more.

Prove that one million users are conducting transactions within these websites by December 2015


Create a high profile and profitable marketing platform of special interest to Clickbank users, California Prime Contractors, State & Local Governments in California and small business owners.

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