Scammed? Warn Other Tourists

Over at in the HTML table in each country on each continent you’ll see this link ‘ Scammed? Warn Other Tourists.’   You should already know this is a Blog link about that particular country.  

Galaxy Funder – WooCommerce Crowdfunding System Developers Wanted

The 7 Million Jobs website has a link in that HTML table where it says about Community Development Projects and requires someone to modify it and the DB so that: When clicking from some country, you are taken to the

Chat Rooms for TEAMS

It takes a village to turn ideas into realities Because you now have a place to create and make decisions as a team, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Teams brings everything together in a shared workspace where

RE: USD $1,000 WP Software Development Contest Questions

So I have some design ideas with a premium WP theme, images, features and functions required and want to hire some TEAM to develop it and possibly be around in case something goes wrong. Of course websites improve each month

Required Software Developers IQ Intelligence Test Details

PROVE YOU ARE INTELLIGENT AND UNDERSTAND WRITTEN ENGLISH THEN YOU WILL BE HIRED Software developers and your team members are now required to first prove your intelligence and comprehension of the desired project goals prior to your being allowed to

Reasons To Be Famous

ADD THESE TO YOUR LIST OF REASONS YOU WANT TO BECOME FAMOUS Read this if you have your list of reasons to become famous. You’ll learn how easy it is to be-famous when you follow a plan and join with

Why cheats customers

7 Million Jobs Development Project Sabotaged By Software Developers  

Make Yourself Famous

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