Here is the job you’ll do

Hello from Vietnam, Nice to talk with you today about the project. I’m searching for affordable assistance and am interviewing contenders such as yourself and your firm.

Here is where we are as of this time:
You were presented with instructions at This set of templates and the required DB was developed by a Seller at a very reasonable fee. You told me your fee would be between US $100 – $150 to repair whatever is preventing the Pan America images from appearing as desired. You are not aware that the entire set of templates and DB(MySQL) were constructed within 72 hours, and purchased for approximately US $75, according to Fiverr receipts. For this and other critical issues you and I will not continue to work together in this manner.

I can offer to you the opportunity to redesign the templates and MySQL, depending upon your affordability and timeline. See This additional data allows you to make an offer for me to consider then make my decision.

I’ll use design in the the theme seen at The latest version of this theme is at
Once the design functions are operating well enough for the site to begin collecting income from traffic, all will be migrated into

I want to send traffic going to to see what is seen at or
When traffic clicks a country (not continent) if they arrived from for example they will see what is seen at   You’ll see a list of locations for this highway, along with the highway map.

Your design will show the map for whichever location the traffic arrives from. You can see maps of highways in the Adobe Flash section at top of

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