WordPress Help Wanted: Part Time IT Freelancer Jobs

Thanks for visiting here, to assist on YouTube and 7Million part time Tourism related business & some of my personal projects I’m working on. This is not a Fiverr type website or regular outsourcing website. The projects here are 95,% my own projects that I’m investing my savings into, with the hope of earning a profit.

At least I must earn enough to afford your talents and skills.


NEXT, join a chatroom and tell me how your skills will help this project earn cash. At least enough to pay your fee. Look again at www.7.AsianHighwayNetwork.com and tell me how you will do something to bring cash into this project. Plase don’t ask ME to tell you what to do, you tell ME what you will do and how it will help bring cash into the project. WhatsApp +855.965.975.998 so I can try helping Team Leaders understand your job.

Click the image on the left side of any TEAM to see the contact link for more details, including where to register your interest in assisting in that TEAM. Each TEAM here has a different email address, entered into a different database that contains your contact info and city you are in. Interviews, Team meetings, orientation sessions, and important info are sent to your email address. You’re almost guaranteed work with us if your skills match the job duties AND you have registered into this website with a full profile. FULL PROFILE means your social links, contact data, photos and background information.

job-categories VISITORS SINCE AUGUST 2014 Here is a quick list of skills wanted, for different assignments.

KPPC-TV PayPerClickSite


Brief descriptions of your part-time software related Freelancer tasks to be performed:

mrrteam01 MRR TEAMS catalog what RR (Resale Rights), MRR (MasterResale Rights) & PLR (Private Label Rights) software I have, write brief descriptive summaries about that program or script, create MP3 descriptions, then file or upload accordingly or as instructed. Goals include generating more income to pay Team Members. Sample software page to look at what I have already purchased.
helpwanted01 Help Wanted Videos.com is a paid for promotional tool or platform where niche sites (via videos) market their products& Services. Goals include generating more income to pay TeamMembers.
amazonaws01 Amazon Cloud TEAM members do whatever is related to cloud scripts, including receiving software from me or designated & trusted reps, RR, MRR & PLR scripts & salesletters placed online & made available to purchasers.Verifies that correct domain name receives software & related scripts. Performs anti-hacking security routines & notifies myself and other TEAMS that need to take your recommended actions to mitigate or eliminate potential problems.
actionscripts01 Modify this Flash software so we know how many clicks each customer received, and create a mobile devices version of the site so we can sell more advertising and determine what CPM the client achieved. Goals include generating more income to pay Team Members.
powerpoint01 PowerPoint may be used to modify & improve any materials & salesletters I have, especially RR, MRR & PLR which inherently require modifications prior to any mass marketing activities. My salesletters & promotional materials should also have MP3’s for those long pages of copy and should be not only flashy but visually appealing, effective & entertaining. Use Excel for document storage.
appointments01 Update and maintain My online appointment calendar which may contain as a service provided, and upon having secured a location suitable, materials for promotional uses, software SalesLetters & scripts, for recruiting & lecturing purposes in addition to generating cash.
msexcel01 Microsoft Excel Team members make available accurate reports and provide to me whatever data I want / need to review. They prepare and keep records about almost everything in this business, so that business planning activities are based upon accurate real-time facts, and available in formats commonly used by professionals. Requires closer interactions with me & therefore Masters or Ph.D with Executive Secretary skills highly desired.
payments01 Paypal – Bitcoin – MoneyBookers – Payza, etc.Payments to be received in or paid out via popular payment gateways require coding for shopping carts & buy now buttons. I am to provide this coding daily as required by teams and therefore need experienced assistants who require little or no tutoring from me, as my schedules may prohibit it.
classipress-01 This cloud based platform encourages our eCommerce website visitors & users to avail themselves to the full features inherent within the Classipress script. The website uses the WordPress Classipress Theme template for our video classified ads and is sent traffic from its link at KCPA-Television. Team members also work on Pricerr Theme and WPStore themes. Goals include generating more income to pay team members.
ab-testing01 A/B split tests are designed and conducted at minimal costs on products, services and script designs to determine optimal designs of text, images, prices & other variables that when employed bring the desired outcomes. Team Leader wants more cash to offer team members more cash.
wordpress01 Here you work on various challenges to verify that all of the sites located within the AsianHighwayNetwork operates smoothly and efficiently. Bring ideas to your Team Leader so that we earn more cash for this team.
affiliate01 This TEAM uses my licensed copy from WPAffiliateManager including their recommended suggestions and layouts on as many of my offerings as is possible. You work with the Excel Future Experts when necessary. Especially important is referrals from their members, for newsletters, Joint Venture partners, Micro-Job sites, and all other bringers of paying customers. You catalog MY affiliate links to others and verifies non active or dead links. You make recommendations about where to place links so as to earn more sales. Goals include helping us earn more money to pay you more.
html5-01 HTML, HTML5 web designers seem to always have projects to keep themselves occupied. For example, our “About-Us” pages are designed to show the foto and bio of everyone in that project, along with info about what that person states is their job duties. How the Menu is designed so as to display all Team Members on that project along with their challenges and accomplishments, is under your control.
fiverr01 These Fiverr & Arbitrage presentations are workshop sponsored or paid for that includes everyone completing one or more Ads prior to end of each class. I provide full instructions on where to post, obtaining accounts, how to record & track submissions and collect payments. Team Researchers provide to me enough of these videos so that I may provide a valuable and informative physical CD to paid workshop attendees.
youtube01 YouTubers perform tasks designed to raise awareness of and increase traffic to our videos and activities. Attempts are made to get viewers to take some desired action that generates income and builds a mailing list. Reviews tutorials at MyInternetTVstation and employs some techniques discovered.
lectures01 Must schedule presentation facilities perhaps with meetup group sponsors, friends, Business Associations, etc. Requires knowledgable local people to gain input that avoids scheduling conflicts, while allowing adequate time for transportation to sites, setting-up & removing props. Interacts with PowerPoint team members.
facebook01 Team members use social marketing, emails, and a variety of offline
& online tactics to bring about positive change and meaningful benefits to their former, current & future subscribers and users. Team Leader needs experience and may use techniques you believe to be a great idea.
classipress-01 Helps with ideas suggestions or recommendations on generating more income to share using current resources. You are provided accss to 20+ websites that deploy WP ClassiPress theme so you may review what they do and clone the best features onto my sites. Assists in creating mobile devices version of website.
writers01 The DeVictorMason search engine provides links to all articles I have online and available for modifying to benefit some domain owned for promoting appropriate products, services and adwords. Journalists find templates for structuring articles about our activities. May use related & appropriate tutorials at MyInternetTVstation. Native or Fluent English speakers preferred.
mysql01 This GitHub Team Leader is responsible for setting up, maintaining, modifying or upgrading any code requiring PHP or database functions. This includes OBDC into MS Excel. May review and assist on other projects using these programming languages. Team Leader must know what you’re doing and assist all teams needing your knowledge, leadership abilitie, and etc. Can use GitHub?
responders01 Converts this amazon autoresponder and all links using it, to run on the AWS email system. Cooperates with other team members having software and sales materials requiring autoresponders. Team Leader manages our mailing lists and assigns tasks to team members.
graphics01 Another very important and always busy group with plenty of requests from other teams, to create or modify and re-brand our MRR, RR & PLR product images to increase their value and comply with the licenses received. Team Leader will assign you to earn us cash using these products.
videoediting-01 Team Leader requires skills to transfer from Mini-DV onto (into) HDD, modify our YouTube videos, using your creative ability to work without storyboards, uses effects & transitions to make dull footage exciting, and has verifiable experience using popular video sites. Corel Video Studio 12 often used here. Use SEO when needed and do whatever is necessary to make our videos impressive.
legal01 When working with 32 different nations or countries, it is desirable that standardized written documents, MOU’s (Memorandum of Understandings) and all other materials be presented and understood by all participating parties, so as to eliminate / reduce misunderstandings & possible confusion. The Legal Team insures that this objective is accomplished and at minimal cost or expenditures. Other related projects as required or assigned by your Team Leader.
television01 Fundraising from Tourism Officials, local residents and whichever Organizations are selected to operate local TV Shows, is highly encouraged and integral to the success of this Asian Highways Tourism Development Program. Your Team Leader will use your talents to help us earn more cash than we can spend.
translating-01 When selling online or when attempting to capture none English-speaking peoples, I require materials in the following major languages: Mandarin Chinese, Arabic and Spanish as options. A flag or Icon at top of page offers choice of these languages and upon being selected the presentation changes. You have seen this in many websites, do the same here for us.
ahmktg01 Asian Highway Network Marketing Teams sell our products and services to those Tourism Officials, individuals and Organizations in the 84 different countries served by these Highways. Implement our Best Practices and other suggestions which are designed to accelerate the growth, popularity and long term income of all participants.
jointventures01 Team Leader has access to my RankReel Enterprise system and this one to use as many features and functions as necessary to earn more cash for this team. Be sure your BIO skills look good when you join this team or you won’t qualify.
Team Leader wanted for Traffic Generating Teams to review and practice topics covered in our 12 part video course on techniques such as List Building, Forums, Affiliate Traffic, Groups, Social Networking, Press Releases, Video Marketing, Ezine Advertising, Article Marketing, PPC Advertising, Link Eschanges, Offline Advertising & Blogs

Download here: Sales-Letter-Creater.zip