Hiring Process & Procedures

April – May – June 2016 I’m in Bangalore @ Majestic area +91 9522760415 Send a text, start work tomorrow.

Skype: DoctorMason.Freelancer

As you discovered when you read the rules (you remember them?), most people work with others as part of a team of at least (3) people. So, you were provided with a summary of job duties on the Job Categories page to help you know which teams you should join.

You also saw a different email address for each team, but did not know you were to send your name, Skype, email, phone#  and a recent photo to that location. When using your mobile to make photos please have a clear face with no other people in it.

When enough people were available who also had sent their data to that email address then there would be announced a meeting for that team to appear here in the Internet Cafe opposite Movie Land Theatre on SC Road near Majestic.

At that time you will meet 4-5-6 others and try forming a team of people you feel comfortable with. As “challenges” or  “tasks” are made available and the compensation is posted,  you will see who else has shown interest. This way you are not forced to work with someone you don’t feel comfortable working with. At least  three (3) of you must accept a “challenge” before it is no longer open for bidding.

You and your team members contact each other and determine how you will conquer your “challenge” and how to share the compensation. Upon completion, you each prepare a summary of what you contributed. This info, along with a photo of your smiling face, will be available on the Team Contributions webpage, so if in the future something goes wrong, everyone will know who was responsible.  You are free to share the “Team Contributions” link for your portfolio and as proof of your skills & abilities when you need job references.

Together Everyone Achieves More, so when you see overlooked opportunities we can capture to earn additional income, which will be shared with your team, do not keep it as your personal secret. OK?

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