“Tourism growth can and should lead to economic prosperity, jobs and resources to fund environmental protection and cultural preservation, as well as community development and progress needs, which would otherwise not be available.”

Our Pricerr theme was hacked AGAIN, so am hiring a team to build and support a business website in WP, based upon one of these themes:

All popular browsers must be supported. You’ll see  a URL into the users forum for each of these softwares, so we can see how many complaints are not resolved. I know that some of these software themes have no users forums.

Static vs Dynamic Website Coding? Mostly Dynamic in PHP.

Click Here to see design samples you will modify. This is where visitors will arrive from. Additional links will be added above the footer.

Click Here to see how the referral links appear in each dynamically generated page.

Upon clicking the country’s link, the PHP server will deliver to the client the jobs website theme configured for that country. Below the header image are 4 images inside 2 columns. Three images in column 1.

Image #1 has drop down listing the 30 categories of services

Image #2 offers locations beginning and ending in drop down menus

Image #3 displays number of “hits” of sellers meeting search requirements. Clicking anywhere on the image brings up the list of all sellers meeting search criteria of location and category.

Each seller is required to have a 60 seconds video promoting the service in this category. Click the video, also see list of other services the seller has.

Most importantly is an Appointment calendar appearing for the seller. A fee is required to book an appointment. Buyer receives contact data about seller. Seller is notified via the appointment script that someone has booked him, and the data concerning the customer wanting the appointmen.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Sellers can post any amount for their services, but we collect only for setting appointments. The buyer gets idea of the cost of Sellers service, but we collect only for a confirmed appointment between Buyer and Seller. If this is not easily possible then make it happen.

Gateways: Bitcoins, PayPal and some optional 3rd popular gateway. A “service fee” is added onto PayPal users so we can receive our  necessary full amount appointment fee. Bitcoin transactions require no service fees.

A map of the highways in that country and a flag identifying the country, are in the 2nd column. Maps sample  Flag sample

Click Here to see info about crowdfunding requests submitted by citizens in this country. In the users profile are options to launch a campaign. These will appear in the country of origin. Traffic visiting that country will see the crowdfunding links and may promote if desired.

Sellers Membership is restricted to those citizens living along or near any major highway on our maps. How to register them and display them in search results when several highways are in their country?

More info is required. Buyers making appointments with Sellers, require 1st and last name, address, two phone numbers and registered email address. This is to be supplied to buyers after they confirm their appointments with a fee. More info is here “Appointments +: Personal Data” in “Account Management”. All questions are mandatory.

You’ll notice there are videos in each country, which appear on a page for that country. Buyers can post a video to attract those who do not live on or near the major highways identified on our maps. A fee is required, and you may also accept a Woocommerce gift certificate after you config the plugin correctly.

Click here to see the page a user is directed to upon successfully purchasing access. Some minor issue is preventing the page from refreshing or allowing the purchaser to login (as shown in the video). I’ve verified the login link is still active:
You will also notice there are lots of missing locations, locations seen here that need to be included.


To offer more value to tourists needing small jobs such as laundry, errands, cooking, or tourists wanting to announce their own services in some country I’d love to add this theme and make it available for purchasing listings for up to 30 days. A cash fee or Woocommerce gift coupon number would be ideal to allow tourists to hire for some small job or to maybe announce he/she is teaching some subject on some date and time at some popular location. Most countries do not allow tourists to become employed without documentation. I’m not sure there are prohibitions against tourists trading a service.


This project requires several people in order to verify all works as would be expected by the average citizen. I may have overlooked something, and so I require assistance from those with common sense who understand the big picture or the vision of the project. Please feel free to inquire about any points I have not made clear and already discussed here.