“At we finance, train & assist Governments & Tourism Officials in 110+ countries to QUICKLY deliver up to 7Million tourism related jobs to your citizens.”

If you are a supporting Republican Elected Official in any location along the Pan American Highway, then I need your assistance to be able to donate approximately a million US dollars every other year from my website profits to or, as I believe all of you are members.

Additionally. I plan to put 10 Republican photos and a link to each of your websites on the page about your location. We can rotate which 10 appear. I will add your photo and favorite link immediately upon receipt of a “Letter of Recommendation” in support of 7Million Jobs, LLC.

SBA Policy on non-retaliation against small businesses

I’m currently including US Route 66 from CA – CHGO and all Illinois Amtrak routes. Peripheral locations may be added. Please listen to an MP3 I created located here. About halfway through, I discuss the importance of the website section “What’s Happening Today” and how this feature strongly encourages tourists to remain in one geographic location instead of moving around.

Illinois Launches Crowdfunding to Deliver 7Million Tourism Jobs




Earn 10% of donations from your contacts by officially joining this GoFundMe campaign. My autoresponder will send to you complete details and instructions. Write to “”.

The U.S. State Department recommends these procedures for Americans suffering financial difficulties. The bank has refused in writing, to cooperate. Western Union could easily withdraw funds to forward to me but First Southern has refused to allow this on my account. It requires the bank allow W.U. to verify my account, a process requiring 30 seconds.

First Southern Bank Has Blocked Withdrawing My Past 3 VA & Social Security Direct Deposits

1.) Download my bank PDF account status
2.) Download more bank-illinois-submission in PDF
3,) Use this Cambodia Bank to bank deposit slip

My First Southern Bank:
routing number: 081203208, account #2355189
Cash App: $DeVictorMason

I’m requesting an emergency loan, grant or something, whatever you call it, to live on while these issues are being resolved through your systems. Again, if First Southern allows my Western Union App 30 seconds to verify my account, then I’d have access with bank to bank from W.U. I could even obtain immediate cash from W.U. here in Cambodia.

Contact me:
Mobile/WhatsApp/Telegram/ +855.815.777.09
VoiceMail: +1 (618) 503-9740



1st) Reference No: F072686-010123
2nd) Reference No: F072750-012423


1.) Please do not share this page with anyone not a Republican. The password to view this is “RepublicansOnly”.

2.) The Pan American Highway map indicates there are many locations not yet programmed. If you have access to any services that will assist to create as you see in this link, then please do not hesitate to contact me. Remember, this project is designed to generate enough to donate millions to our GOP party. Quid pro quo.