April – May – June 2016 I’m in Bangalore @ Majestic area +91 9522760415 Send a text, start work tomorrow.

Rules, Regulations and Standard Operating Procedures

    • Many of the notes in the following linked pages represent the basics for my “Standard Operating Procedures” which sufficiently guides all Team Players, and therefore must be made available for your reviews.
    • Our TEAM Philosophy: Together Everyone Achieves More, and one person does not accept 100% blame when problems arise.
    • Payments are often assigned to TEAMS working on projects, and Team Members decide how to share it.
    • TEAMS consist of (3) three or more persons who currently reside in Bangalore. You may join more than one team (conditions apply).
    • Whenever possible, Teams shall consist of at least (1) one female.
    • Each person must present a “non fake” College or University degree related to TEAMS of interest, prior to being assigned.
    • If you have skills but no college degree from a recognized institution then you should register here.
    • All projects being worked on are listed online, including date and time started/and completed along with the names of participating team members.
    • All completed projects submitted for online review shall indicate not only who worked on it but must include each team member’s checkmark in either the “approved by” or “disapproved by” columns. This requirement allows me to provide your team with more financial opportunities while I have only to investigate projects that have too many “disapproved by” warnings.
    • Everyone is a member of the “About Us” team and is required to update your profile, verifying its completeness and accuracy. You are responsible for having contributed something, and deserve being recognized for your activities. So for each domain and/or project that has software with “about us”, you verify you received proper credits. Some of you will use a link to your profile pages to show others of your skills so that you may work more often.

It is of vital importance to observe and adhere to these and to have a written and signed authorization prior to deviating.

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